Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cathedral of St. Joseph (Hartford)

Archdiocese of Hartford (CT)

*July 17, 1872
Purchase of the old Morgan estate on Farmington Avenue for $75,000 by Bishop Patrick F. McFarland.

*Nov. 27, 1873
Dedication of the chapel of the Sisters of Mercy by Bishop McFarland; chapel was to serve as the pro-Cathedral until the Cathedral would be built.

*Aug. 30, 1876
Breaking of ground for the construction of the Cathedral by Bishop Thomas Galberry, O.S.A.

*Sep. 13, 1876
First stone laid by Bishop Galberry.

*Feb. 10, 1878
Basement of the Cathedral dedicated and opened for worship by Bishop Galberry.

*May 8, 1892
Dedication and consecration of the Cathedral by Bishop Lawrence S. McMahon,
The architect was Patrick C. Keely of New York.

*Dec. 31, 1956
Fire of undetermined origin destroyed the Cathedral, leaving nothing to be salvaged according to experts.

*Sep. 8, 1958
Groundbreaking for the new Cathedral by Archbishop Henry J. O'Brien.

*May 15, 1962
Consecration of the completed Cathedral of St. Joseph by Auxiliary Bishop Hackett.