Sunday, August 30, 2009

Saints of September

La sainte chapelle

We enter into the month of September and find the saints of God already waiting for us. Let us enter and join the holy ones in the worship and adoration of the Lord.

List of the Saints commemorated in the month of September.

I. St. Teresa Redi

II. Bl. Walter of Bergamo and Ingrid of Skanninge

III. St. Balin of Techsaxon

IV. Blessed Catherine of Racconigi

V. St. Jordan of Pulsano

VI. Bl. Bertrand of Garrigue, Michael Czartorysky and Juliana Rodzinska

VII. St. Diuma

VIII. St. Adrian of Nicomedia

IX. St. Peter Claver of Verdu

X. St. Nicholas of Tolentino

XI. St. John Gabriel de le Puech

XII. Bl. Mary of Jesus

XIII. St. Philip the confessor

XIV. St. Cormac of Cashel

XV. St. Adam of Caithness

XVI. St. Ludmila

XVII. Bl. Albert of Jerusalem

XVIII. St. John Macias

XIX. St. Alfonso de Orozco

XX. Bl. Mark of Modena, and Francis de Posadas

XXI. St. Matthew the Apostle

XXII. Bl. Jacino and his companions, St. Maurice and his companions

XXIII. St. Pio of Pietrelcina

XXIV. Bl. DalmatiusMoner

XXV. St. Cadoc

XXVI. Sts. Cosmas and Damian

XXVII. Sts. Adolphus and John of Seville

XXVIII. Bl. Lawrence of Ripafratta, and St. Lorenzo Ruiz and his companions.

XXIX. St. Michael the Archangel

XXX. St. Midan