Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Vision of Seven Stars Which Appeared to a Master in Theology.

Saint Dominic Guzman

In Toulouse one morning before daybreak, as a certain Master of Theology, well born and renowned for his learning and reputation, was rehearsing his lectures, he became quite drowsy and, resting his head on the desk for a time, fell asleep. During this time, he seemed to see seven stars appear before him. While he was lost in admiration to the novelty of this scene, they increased in size and brilliance to such a degree that they lit up his own country and the entire world. Then at once he awoke and, seeing that the day had begun, he called the servants who carried his books and set out for class. And behold Blessed Dominic and six companions clothed in his habit humbly approached this master and identified themselves as the friars who had been preaching God's gospel to the faithful and against the unbelievers in the Toulouse area. They told him that they had come to attend his classes and wanted very much to hear his lectures. The master agreed and, for a long time, regarded these seven friars as his devoted friends and instructed them as his students. But, recalling the vision he had seen a bit earlier, he interpreted Blessed Dominic and his companions as the seven stars which he saw suddenly grow in brilliance by reason of the enormous light shed by their good name and their knowledge. Accordingly he treated them with the greatest reverence and always held them in the greatest affection. The same master told this to Brother Arnulf of Bethunia and his companion when they were in the court of the King of England

______From: The Libellus of Blessed Jordan of Saxony.