Thursday, January 17, 2008

St. Vincent Pallotti, Apostle of Rome

St. Vincent Pallotti

Feast: January 22

St. Vincent Pallotti, was born in Rome in 1795, ordained a priest, he dedicated himself to the conversion of all non-Catholics to Christ but especially the Mohammedans. To this end he inaugurated a revolutionary program which envisaged the collaboration of the laity in the apostolate of the clergy. But St. Vincent was also well aware of the many deprivations in the natural sphere that hindered the spread of the Faith. He thus obtained and spent huge sums for the poor and underprivileged. He founded guilds for workers, agriculture schools, loan associations, orphanages and homes for girls - all of which made him the pioneer and precursor of Catholic Action. His great legacy was the congregation which he founded for urban mission work, known as the "Society for Catholic Action". He died in 1850 from a severe cold which he most likely caught on a cold rainy night after giving his cloak to a beggar who had none. The uncorrupted body of Saint Vincent rests in the Church of St. Salvatore in Onda, Italy.

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