Friday, July 13, 2007


It is time to bring back the MANIPLE!

The now universal absence of the maniple from modern Catholic worship is, together with the equally absent use of orientation at the Altar and the use of the Latin language, the clearest indication of the rupture that has taken place in the life of the Western Church. The wound inflicted by modernity, by the spirit of rupture was caused not only through ideas but also through the manipulation and abandonment of symbols. To heal the injury suffered through the rupture now 40 years old, with our own history, it is vital, in light of the Holy Father’s efforts to undo what has taken place, that we all make personal attempts at restoration, at setting up once again what has been cast down, of mending what has been broken. The wearing of the maniple once again which was made optional in 1967 and wholly discarded, but not officially forbidden, after the suppression of the Sub-deaconate in 1972 would be such an effort. My brother priests, now is the hour to act. Put on your MANIPLE next time you approach the Altar to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice.

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